Thursday, January 3, 2008

which socks count?

Hello all, I'm glad the sock-stash club is off to such a vibrant start! I've been having a lot of fun checking out new patterns and getting ideas from everyone else's posts so far... Here's what I've been up to:

So I live in Chicago, but I came to my parents' house in Oregon for Christmas, and I'm still here until Friday. I knew I would finish the knitting project I was working on when I got here some time over Christmas (a cashmere shedir hat for my bff) so I grabbed some sock yarn before I left home to start the KAL with after that. Well, I finished the hat well before 1/2 so I cast on for some socks, on 12/27 to be precise! They're sidewinders, which are socks knit sideways. This pattern is BRILLIANT. I was sure to measure my foot and be particularly careful about gauge, and so far it's paid off! I finished the first one on 12/31:


It's in Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Crazy Color 4-ply:


Trouble is, I only brought one of those two balls home with me because I thought that would be enough. (bad decision on my part!) Thankfully, I've bought about 10 tons of yarn since I've been here (my mother is also a knitter - I taught her! - and she looooves going to yarn stores with me) so I had something else I could work with. Tonight I'm casting on some entrelac socks, using Eunny Jang's pattern from the spring '07 Interweave Knits. (Here it is for those of you on ravelry.) I'm using that brand new Noro Kureyon Sock:


Time to go measure my feet some more and then cast on!!!

PS - wanna be friends on ravelry? I love knit-stalking people. I'm hungryknitter. My blog is also!


Uneeknitter said...

Wow...I love both those patterns and the sidewinders are really cool. Can't wait to see how the other pair turns out with the Noro.

razorknitgirl said...

I friended you on ravelry because I enjoy knit-stalking too!! I really love those sidewinders, they are in my que and will by cast on hopefully by March or April :)