Friday, January 25, 2008

Cable extravaganza

Hello All!
This is my first post, as I've just discovered y'all. No pictures, as I am not that tech-savvy, but I finished a pair of thickly cabled knee socks, designed as I went, from the toe up. The yarn is an oatmeal colored stretch anny that I got in a bargain bin at the DFW Fiber Fest, and I got enough to make these into tall socks, up over my knees with four inches of ribbing that I can fold down.
My February socks are monkey lace done in a hand-dyed from Madeline Tosh called pink lemonade.
I am loving looking at everyone's pictures, and reading the details.


Cinnamonamon said...

Wow, those sound great!! If you take pics with a regular camera you can always request to have a copy of the pics put on a disk that you can put in your computer! :)

Uneeknitter said...

Wow...I hope you can get them up. I would love to see them. They sound fabulous!