Saturday, January 5, 2008

January sock(s)

My choice is a yummy yarn from the Natural Dye Studio in England. It's an alpaca and silk blend in a colour called Amazon.

I'm doing a basic sock using Wendy Johnson's fingering weight toe-up sock with gusset pattern (a freebie) because the yarn is quite busy. This is a couple of day's progress riding the bus back and forth to work. Just starting to increase for the gusset. This is my favourite pattern.

The colours are turning out kinda muddy, but look a lot better when held against my denim slacks, so these will definitely be jeans socks. Oh, and they're mine! The yarn is very, very soft and bit hairy.

Lynn in Calgary AB


Uneeknitter said...

Alpaca and silk...I bet these feel WONDERFUL. What a great treat for yourself. Enjoy!

Piglottie said...

What gorgeous yarn! I love the colours :)

Kay said...

I love the sheen from the silk. And lovely colours, too.