Sunday, January 6, 2008

growing socks

Does anyone else have the problem of there socks stretching during the day as they wear them?
I have one pair that fits great but gets bigger as the day goes on so that by the end of the day they start to twist around my foot.
Just curious


Uneeknitter said...

For me it depends on the material I made them out of and how tight I knit them. But it has been known to happen.

Froggy said...

OMG yes! I have beaten my chest many times for being such a loose knitter. Here is what I have found to help a bit: 1) use the smallest needle size (for me, for non-sock knitting it is two US numbers smaller than the smallest one recommended; three if possible for socks); 2) use a factor of .8 or .85 instead of .9 (I use foot circumference as my central measurement); 3) when ribbing, knit through the back loop.
Good luck!