Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hello There fellow Sock Stashers!!

I have found that I truly adore knitting socks...but, as with the whole world of knitting I get this certain rush when I come across a beautiful skien of sock yarn that I simply CAN not pass up! As a result I have acquired quite the sock yarn/regular yarn stash and now I feel this urge to do something about it!!! So I have decided to join to see what sock-making gains can be made. I am a relatively new sock knitter, I've really only finished one full pair of socks. I also have one half of a pair completed as I felt that this would be great motivation to get my rump in gear and get cracking on making some socks because I do enjoy knitting socks VERY much and I have some AWESOME sock thank you for letting me be a part!! I can't wait to post my first pictures to the group!!!

See you around!
Ravelry Name: monsterlovesyarn


Uneeknitter said...

Can't wait for the pictures!!!

kemtee said...

We're glad you're here!