Tuesday, January 22, 2008

50 year-old challenge

It is 2008 and for me this is a big year. This is the year that I turn 50. I am o.k. with this and am going to embrace the 50 feeling. Since this is the big year, I thought I would put a challenge out to my family and friends .... This year I would like to receive 50 balls of sock yarn to celebrate. Do you think my family and friends will do it? I don't know...but it will keep them on their toes (lol). Do you think I am over the top? I will let you know how it goes. So far I have received three balls. When I use them in my monthly sock I will let you know!


Uneeknitter said...

What a cool idea! I already asked DH for a book for my birthday.

Margaret said...

I turned 50 yesterday. Come join the fun! I put my thoughts about 50 on my blog.
Your idea with the sock yarn is good. Wish I'd thought of that! Do you think they each expect the yarn back in sock form? ;D

SockLady said...

I'm not sure if they expect it back in sock form, but there is a good chance that would happen. Unfortunately, with the lack of wool stores here and most of the clan are not computer smart, chances are not so good, but I can't help but try.