Thursday, January 31, 2008

Red monkey lace socks from a week ago

About a week ago, someone showed a post of some finished toe-up monkeys. i've been trying to comment, or post about them ever since, but due to various computer problems (read: I am an idiot!) was unsuccessful. Finally, I think i've figured it out, and now i can't remember the knitter's name! Argh! I hope you recognize yourself.
Here's my question:
Any chance of a close-up shot, on your foot? I've heard that toe-up monkeys look very different, not just upside-down, but I've never seen one in detail.
As for my socks, I have gotten side-tracked into knitting a batch of fingerless mitts, and have knit less than an inch on my February socks. Hope once I actually get into Feb I will feel more energized.

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razorknitgirl said...

Here is a link to the toe up version for the Monkey pattern:

I haven't tried it yet but there are few pairs on Ravelry that are done and look great.