Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Am I allowed to join if I belong to a sock club?

I got this question on my blog comments. I post these here as well so the people thinking whether they can join will find the answers easily.

Am I allowed to join if I’m member of the sock club which sends me more yarn? I might have little bit too much sock yarn so this club could be a good alternative. Can I still buy some sock yarn in 2008 if I really need it for some project or should I buy lots of sock yarn this year?

Being a member in commercial sock club doesn’t mean you cannot join us. Socks from Stash isn’t yarn diet in strict sense. Our goal is to use the pretty sock yarns already bought, not to refrain from buying yarn in general. Your yarn of the month cannot be a new purchase (it cannot be the same yarn you get from commercial sock club at the same time) but there are no other restrictions. You can still buy yarn if you want and need. The idea behind the club is to focus on what we already have. Too often I see a lovely yarn online and forget all those old beauties I have in stash. My knitting tends to focus on new purchases. New yarns get knitted, old ones lay forgotten in stash. The club gives a fair chance to those old yarns.

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