Thursday, November 29, 2007

A bit random

It's great to know I am not alone in the need to smash the stash!
Being a bit of a techie geek (with the Ravelry t-shirt to prove it!) I am now trying to decide how to randomise my yarn-choosing, so that I don't just pick the skein I like best. I want to challenge my creativity and have the element of surprise that a sock club usually provides.
At the moment I have an excel spreadhseet with all the yarn makes, colours and names on it and I am thinking of sorting it by one of these columns and then asking my daughter to "pick a number between one and....errr... 23?!" Whichever row number she picks is the yarn I knit!


berlinBat said...

Sounds like a lovely idea (another techie geek gives you a wave)! I'm also afraid of using only those Really the Nicest sock yarns of my stash, and that I'm just going to forget about those that are just nice :)

razorknitgirl said...

This sounds like a great idea. I think I may try the excel thing because I also would pick the most mood appealing yarn and the less appealing yarn will be left out till last.