Thursday, November 29, 2007

A bit random

It's great to know I am not alone in the need to smash the stash!
Being a bit of a techie geek (with the Ravelry t-shirt to prove it!) I am now trying to decide how to randomise my yarn-choosing, so that I don't just pick the skein I like best. I want to challenge my creativity and have the element of surprise that a sock club usually provides.
At the moment I have an excel spreadhseet with all the yarn makes, colours and names on it and I am thinking of sorting it by one of these columns and then asking my daughter to "pick a number between one and....errr... 23?!" Whichever row number she picks is the yarn I knit!

It's Rummage Time.....!

Today, I have taken the opportunity to have a good rummage around the house to see EXACTLY how much yarn there is hiding out in dark, forgotten corners. Evidently I have been in denial too long.......the said rummaging took most of the day, and I have a sneaking suspicion that I have a second hoard located in England somewhere!!! I collapsed on the sofa late this afternoon with the weary countenance of a child who has overindulged at a kid's party, my spoils scattered around me like so many discarded e-number laden sweet wrappers. I need to purge! Roll on January - boy, have I got some serious Stash Busting to do!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Am I allowed to join if I belong to a sock club?

I got this question on my blog comments. I post these here as well so the people thinking whether they can join will find the answers easily.

Am I allowed to join if I’m member of the sock club which sends me more yarn? I might have little bit too much sock yarn so this club could be a good alternative. Can I still buy some sock yarn in 2008 if I really need it for some project or should I buy lots of sock yarn this year?

Being a member in commercial sock club doesn’t mean you cannot join us. Socks from Stash isn’t yarn diet in strict sense. Our goal is to use the pretty sock yarns already bought, not to refrain from buying yarn in general. Your yarn of the month cannot be a new purchase (it cannot be the same yarn you get from commercial sock club at the same time) but there are no other restrictions. You can still buy yarn if you want and need. The idea behind the club is to focus on what we already have. Too often I see a lovely yarn online and forget all those old beauties I have in stash. My knitting tends to focus on new purchases. New yarns get knitted, old ones lay forgotten in stash. The club gives a fair chance to those old yarns.

Another knitter joining the fold

Hi Everyone (waves at Bev)

I decided to join as the following really struck a cord with me:

Have you ever been tempted to join a yarn shop sock club, even though you already have a stash of beautiful yarns you don't have time to knit?

I've been tempted to join a sock club so many times but the fact that I have enough yarn to make over 70 pairs of socks has always reined the temptation back in before I went too far. So here I am duly committed & ready for action once Christmas is out of the way. I'm making bed socks at the moment for but they've not been mentioned anywhere on my blog as they're presents for my nieces & nephew for Christmas.

So roll on January 2008 & I intend to use up some of my beautiful yarn & put my Ravelry queue to the test

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Intro to group

Hi, I'm Bev, compulsive sock knitter and sock yarn stasher. I found this group via Hanne's blog but I know some of the other people here (waves to blueadt). Doesn't it make the world seem like a small place? Anyway, I have often wanted to join one of those clubs but I already have so many beautiful sock yarns, which incidentally, make up more than 50% of my entire stash, and I'd like to get them out of storage and make some pretty socks with them. This will be great fun and a great challenge! I can also be found on ravelry as comfybev.

Welcome to the Socks From Stash Club!

Have you ever been tempted to join a yarn shop sock club, even though you already have a stash of beautiful yarns you don't have time to knit?
Do you love knitting socks? Trying out new yarns and patterns?
Then the Socks from Stash Club is the one for you!
Every month, members will choose a yarn at random from their stash, search out an appropriate pattern, and post their plans on the club blog.
By choosing your yarn "out of a hat", you will be challenging yourself to explore the frontiers of your stash. No cheating!
If you can't decide on a pattern, share your dilemma with the group to add to the fun. If you have a technical problem, ask the group for help. Lets create a sock-centred online community!
At the end of the month, we should all display our finished socks, or our socks-in-progress and give ourselves a cheer: woo hoo for the sock stash-busters club!

The challenge begins on 2 January 2008!


Monday, November 26, 2007


Hi! I am really excited about being a member of the new group, and can't wait to start 'Busting the Stash' with everyone! I'm sure it will be very inspirational and loads of fun!!! Marie x