Monday, January 14, 2008


Hello all! This sounds like a great KAL idea! I don't have a HUGE stash of sock yarn, but I do have somewhere between half a dozen & a dozen...wait I counted: 16, if you count some partially completed socks & one pair that needs to be ripped & reknit. Hopefully I'll be able to start knitting my first pair in a week or two -- I have a couple swap type things to clear up first!

I saw someone posted about Nancy Bush patterns -- I'm knitting a pattern from her Knitting Vintage Socks book & am loving it! Too bad they're for the swap; I might have to make a pair for myself.


JessicaRose said...

I have several sock books and that is by far one of my favorite.

Uneeknitter said...

Size definitely doesn't matter. I myself only have about 6 pairs of socks worth. However the idea is to use your stash first before buying more yarn. I am in another stash group that is more general and just about using stash instead of buying more yarn. I am bad about buying yarn personally, especially when it is on sale!