Friday, January 4, 2008

my January socks

My winning January yarn was Cascade Sassy Stripes. The pattern I've opted for is a generic top-down sock. Not too exciting, but my husband chose the yarn for himself months ago, and this is what he wants. This will be my first time making "boy" socks.

I cast on last night and thus far have one cuff done.

He intentionally doesn't match his socks, so there will be one sock in each of the colorways:

It will almost be like making two different socks, so maybe this will alleviate second sock syndrome!


Uneeknitter said...

What is his theory behind 2 different socks? I like both yarns...should be fun.

razorknitgirl said...

you should make "monster socks" with both yarns. Just stripe them until you feel like switching colors and they will be excellent and definitely a rare pair.

twiceknit said...

There's no really theory behind not matching his socks, he says it's his way of rebelling. I can certainly think of things that would be worse, so I just go with it.