Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm getting there....

Here's my sock so far..I chose a really easy pattern because:
1. I'm not always the best with deadlines, and didn't want to be stuck with a hard pattern.
2. I'm already working on another pair of socks knit with Cookie A's Monkey pattern.
3. The yarn is a bit, er, busy shall we say. A pattern would put them over the edge I think.
Glad to be part of the group! You all are so talented.


Uneeknitter said...

I like your socks. Which yarn are you using??

razorknitgirl said...

nice prop! There is alot of january left - you'll get um done.

Margaret said...

The yarn is from an indie dyer in Baltimore, bought at my LYS. I wish I could give you the name, but I picked the one hank of yarn that lost its label. Next time I'm in the shop, I'll look and put it on my Ravelry project page.

You can thank my son for the prop. One of 10 guitars in my house. DH plays too.