Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New screen name...

...same old me :) I have finally figured out how to change my screen name (at least I think). "Froggy" refers to my very limited knitting talents, which lead to a lot of frogging, and to my French origins. I embrace both!

At one past 12 tonight, in a little more than four hours, I will ask an innocent hand to go and randomly pick the first skein to be knit from my stash in this KAL. Honestly, I cannot be trusted not to fondle around until I reach the one I really want to get to! In the meantime, I will keep admiring the amazing displays of yarn-in-the-waiting you guys have posted, and fantasize about the glorious patterns you have chosen.

Happy New Year to all!



Elysbeth said...

Yay! You are definitely Froggy now.

Hope you enjoy the innocent hand's choice.

Uneeknitter said...

Can't wait to see what you choose. And looking forward to your socks!