Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Another Firestarters

Like Hanna, I am also doing Firestarters - I am using this yarn from Yarnahoy called Sour Grapes.

Actually I cheated slightly and cast on on New Year's Eve. I needed something to distract me from thinking about my daughter flying to Hong Kong on the first leg of her journey back to the UK where she works at the moment. Having her home for a week over Christmas reminded me of how much fun it is to have her around. I thought a new pattern in one of my favourite yarns would cheer me up. It certainly distracted me - I reknitted the toe at least three times, and then struggled with the cables without using a cable needle. I think it was because the yarn is fairly loosely spun which makes it nice to wear but a bit splitty to knit. I kept mucking up the drop the stitch behind and pick it up again, so I finally gave up and used another needle. I also switched from dpns to two circulars, and now I'm making more progress fowards than backwards. I'm just hoping it will fit as I have big feet, and 60 stitches doesn't seem like enough. Maybe they will make a nice present for someone!

Ravelry = R0sered


Hanna said...

I look forward seeing your socks. Quite funny that from all possible patterns we end up starting with same. In Ravelry I'm Hanna.

Uneeknitter said...

I Love your yarn choice. It is beautiful!!