Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Suspense Is Over!

Hello All!

So Christmas came and I finally got to open my box. I had been good, mind you: not a scratch, not a squeeze, not a shake, just endless contemplation. As predicted, there were 6 skeins. I won't lie, the first sight was a bit of a disappointment--but what could measure up to days of letting my imagination go wild? The darkish earth-tones appeared tame. But then, ummmmmmm, I put my hands to the yarn... What unexpected softness, almost creamy to the touch, sublimely warm... So, I have been petting and cuddling 2 balls of Trekking Pro Natura (brownish); 2 balls of Step with aloe vera and jojoba oil (did I die and go to heaven?) in blueish grey; 2 balls of Sockotta  in browns and greys. AND they are 110g/420m skeins, which means 6 whole pairs of socks, or even 9 if I knit strictly for myself (size 41/2-5 feet).

The rest of my stash? In truth, I am not quite sure any more, but I decided not to look and just draw at random each month or so. I will save for last The Crazy Ball: a ball made up of all the sock yarn leftovers in lengths of about 3-4 yds. The result should be absolutely funky.



Uneeknitter said...
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Uneeknitter said...

Oppss...was trying to edit my comment. Anyway, all that yarn sounds dreamy. It is cool that you have ppl that buy yarn for you. I can't wait to see some of it knitted up. As for the crazy was just wondering today what I was going to do with all my leftover yarn. I have such a hard time tossing it...what a cool idea.