Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another Intro

Hi all.

I'm Andrea and I so need to do this knitalong. I have a lot of sock yarn, probably enough to do at least 30 pairs of socks, maybe more. I've been pretty good the last couple of months and haven't bought much in the way of yarn. But I really need to use stuff up. I think I knit about 35 pairs of socks this year, but I'm looking forward to randomly picking yarn out and just knitting with it.

I am part of a sock club, so that's allowed for me. I'm going to have to spend a bit of time thinking how I will organize my stash for picking yarns and what kind of goals I want to meet.

I'm finishing up a pair of Christmas present socks than I'm going to take a bit of a sock break until January 2nd. Than it socks from stash time!

1 comment:

Uneeknitter said...

35?? Wow...I thought my stash was bad but apparently not. I can't wait to see your fabulous socks~!!!