Thursday, December 6, 2007

ah… but what to knit first?

That's my question.

It's me -- Kemtee -- finally aboard, breathing, and able to post. And I'm confused.

Not about this here KAL, but looking at the stash, I'm confused about what to pick for January's sock! Who to knit for? Me? DH? DD? Someone else? Should I go with a color theme? Blindfold and just grab something?

How are you all picking that first fateful skein?


Rhonda said...

I am going to close my eyes and reach in.......Maybe I will find a book with patterns I like, shut my eyes, and see where my finger lands.

Uneeknitter said...

I thought I would let everyone else pick. Not sure on the pattern. Depends on the yarn of course, but I am pretty much into basic socks and since most of my yarn is striped, any design will most likely get lost anyway.