Friday, December 21, 2007


Just found this club yesterday and had to join! What a great idea to knit down the sock yarn stash. I've been knitting socks only since last spring but have managed to build a very impressive amount of yarn since then. It's beginning to nag at me, so it's time to destash!

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and am fortunate to have six LYS, each with a slightly different stock of yarns, although online shops are very enticing, too! No pictures of the entire stash as yet, but there are several plastic bins. And a drawer. And a basket.

Not sure yet what I'll pick for January, but my choices may not be as random as some. I'm really looking forward to this.


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Uneeknitter said...

Can't wait to see the stash! You are lucky to have some many LYS. The closest one is 20 minutes to me in 3 different directions. I have my fav of course and almost bought sock yarn last Friday night at our knit night. But I decided to be good instead.