Thursday, December 6, 2007

another intro

Was going to wait until I had a sock stash picture to post. But the weathers been rather crappy for taking good pictures. Hi, I'm Jessica. I'm a SAHM, married to a sailor. I'm a sock addict. I have very little stash yarn that isn't sock yarn. I have enough sock yarn in stash for at least 50 pairs of socks. Most likely there is more. I'm just afraid to go count. I'll try to get a stash picture to post soon. I'm really looking forward to this club. The idea of picking a yarn at random and just going with it, really appeals to me. More than I would have ever thought. Its a great idea to force us to be creative. Can't wait to see what all we come up with. Also can't wait to pick your minds on what to do with some of my stash.


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Uneeknitter said...

I am excited to get started too. Sounds like you could do this knit along for 4 years before you use up all your stash. Awesome. Can't wait to see some of your fabulous socks.