Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hi from New Zealand


I'm Kate - from New Zealand. I have only been knitting socks for a little over three months, and have somehow already managed to acquire a stash of 20 sock yarns. Not too sure how that happened, considering that the range available locally is somewhat limited! I find online shopping very easy and if you are paying for shipping, you might as well make it worthwhile, right? Add in a trip to Hawaii and a birthday present from a daughter in England and voila - instant stash! Of course I have other projects to work on as well, so I'm hoping you are all going to inspire me to to keep whittling down that stash (then I can buy some more...!)

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Uneeknitter said...

I can tell already how fun this group is going to be and I am happy you joined. I too have other projects, not just socks so I will definitely be peaking into your blog to see what you are working on.