Sunday, December 30, 2007

Set to go

I have decided on a top up sock pattern from Knitty. I have never tried this method and thought this would be the challenge for Jan 08. I have a ball of sock yarn that came to me from my friend Rosemary. She thought the yarn was so ugly that she couldn't even knit with it. Rosemary was given this yarn from someone else who also thought it was ugly. I rescued the ball and put it in my stash. How can any yarn be ugly? It has no ball band and I am not sure if it is a full ball so that is why I decided on top up socks. I am not sure how to post a picture at this time, but once I figure it out I will post a picture of the ball.

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Uneeknitter said...

To add a picture, click on the picture icon next to the abc check mark for spell check. It walks you through the steps. Can't wait to see the "ugly" yarn. :D