Monday, December 24, 2007

New Years Resolution: Use Stash, Use Stash, Use Stash

I have not taken an inventory. I don't really want to know. Maybe my New Years Resolution should be to have less in my stash then when I started. Maybe it should be to buy no new yarn and knit, knit, knit what I have until the Maryland Sheep Festival in May.

Although I plan to use my sock stash...I also intend to concentrate on the rest of my stash. Usually when I get sweater yarn, I have a pattern in mind. However, I am sure that I am not the only person who can't remember what she intended to do with some yarn...not a clue...nada...when she finally was ready to knit....This year I began putting a copy of the pattern with newly acquired yarn.

Another plan is to convince my daughters to adopt and knit some of my stash....a win win situation.

I have been going through books, my patterns stash, and the internet pulling out sock patterns I like. My next plan is to pair yarns with patterns. I like the idea of making my own kits.

Right now I am trying to finish 5 projects before beginning another.....and hopefully begin and finish my January socks by the end of the month......

Ready to begin.



Uneeknitter said... sound like me. I have lots of other stash too and have been working on using it up. Can't wait to see some of the things you knit up including your socks!

Elysbeth said...

That's funny I can't always remember it later either. Or, I swatch it and decide it would suck as the intended project and go hareing off looking for the "right" thing.