Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hello all!

I'm new and yet another Jessica, so I'll be JessicaS. I work full time and probably have enough sock yarn to knit about 120 pairs without buying a lick of yarn. I'm a fast knitter though, so I remain undaunted. I definitely need this group and look forward to knitting down my sock stash. I've probably knit about 60 pairs of socks in the last 4 years and it wasn't like I had a year of socks or anything. The rest of my stash is also large, so it should be knit down as well. Wish me luck!

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Uneeknitter said...

*faint* 120 pairs?? WOW. You have your own sock store to choose from. That should be fun! Can't wait to see what kinda cozy feet you make.