Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I just finished these socks I started in January and finished a couple of days ago.

I got this Trekking yarn from a friend and couldn't resist the color - I just had to knit it immediately.

tuesday socks 1
I named the socks Tuesday socks because I wrote my fairly obscure notes of the sock on a piece of a page-a-day calender and it happened to be a Tuesday page. (I might have cast on for the socks on a Tuesday, don't remember.) Also, I think Tuesdays are (along with Thursdays) the most boring days of the week, but - like these socks - Tuesdays can be beautiful, even if they are a tad ordinary. (There is no logic to this, I admit.)
tuesday socks 2
It also took me over two weeks to finish these, which seems like forever, but maybe that is because Tuesdays seem to be a lot longer than other days. (This means I should be able to achieve more on Tuesdays but clearly, that is not the case.)
tuesday socks 3
The stitch pattern is just 2 seed sts between 4 stockinette sts, the heel is a slightly modified version of the Baudelaire socks and the cuff ribbing a very basic k1, p2 ribbing, which can be worn the right side up or the wrong side up (which makes it k2, p1 ribbing, of course.). A very boring pair of socks and yet, one of my favorites.
tuesday socks 4

This is pretty much the same post I wrote for my own blog. I was lazy, sorry. :)


Margaret said...

Very pretty! I like that yarn. And it looks great with the pattern.

Agnes said...

I love the colour! Very yummy ... ;)

razorknitgirl said...

very nice. Is that pattern the garter rib pattern from SKS?

Tuulia said...

thanks for your comments :)

razorknitgirl: I have no idea since I just came up with it! The pattern goes "k4, k1, p1" and on the next round "k5, p1" and this two row pattern is all. I am sure it has been published somewhere, but I don't know where, since I didn't use a reference book but developed this as I knitted on.

Malin said...

Great socks, I really like them! I think I have to try that stitch pattern.