Wednesday, February 6, 2008

February Socks

This is my first pair for February:
The colour is just right for those of us who are constantly anticipating the arrival of warm weather! ;) The pattern is Nancy Bush's Gentleman's Fancy Socks ... easy pattern but combined with semi-solid yarn, the result is lovely. You can read about the details and see more photos here.

I'll be putting more time on a sweater for my husband, but hopefully, this will not be my only pair of socks for this month. :)


Hanna said...

Socks are beautiful I really like the color. (Maybe I have to buy something simular to my stash)

Patricia said...

The color really puts me in mind of the first spring buds. I am enthralled with semisolid yarn and would happily shed all those variegated skeins.

Sheila said...

Oh that color! I love these socks

razorknitgirl said...

they are soo pretty. I even clicked on the picture to see the 'big' version :)