Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hello, everybody!

I just wanted to post and say hello! I found this blog through the New Jersey knitters ring, and thought it was such a great idea, and something I've been planning on doing this year anyway. I loved seeing everyone's finished socks for last month.

In 2007, I'd signed up for the Socks that Rock sock club, and never used any of the sock yarn they sent. So this month, to start using the yarn in my stash and because of Project Spectrum's colors being red, orange, and pink, I decided to pull out the STR lightweight in the color firebird.

socks that rock lightweight socks that rock lightweight

I have just started the first sock in the Solstice Slip pattern that came with the socks, and so far, it's really fun. That's only after four rounds, so I'm not even done with one pattern repeat yet. The yarn is so pretty though. I can't believe I just let it sit in my stash for almost a year.

I hope to read about everyone else's February progress going forward!

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