Saturday, February 2, 2008

1/2 FO (or WIP) Feb Socks

When you finish a one sock that will someday be a pair of socks, do you call it a WIP or a 1/2 an FO??

Anywho I finished one of the pair of Jaywalkers that I am working on for Feb's socks.
I took a really terrible picture last night. The reason it is so terrible is because it was taken indoors, at night, with alot of flash and the batteries in my camera are so dead they only allow me to turn it on and take a quick picture and then it turns off. I will find my charger and take some 'real' pictures soon.

Since I am so ahead for Feb I cast on for a pair of Prism socks today with some multicolored sock stash and a skein of knitpicks essential in ash. I am trying to spread out my February sock commitment and at the same time get two pair done in one month.

More details on both pair at my Ravely project page


Froggy said...

Interesting question. I would go for "finished object in progress".

kemtee said...

That's my favorite Regia colorway.

And I dig the clock on the wall!