Friday, March 28, 2008

Tidal Wave Socks Complete!!

My first pair of socks that are actually finished!! I am so pleased with them and the yarn that I used is so yummiliscious to knit with! I can't wait to start my 3rd pair! I know, you are all asking "3rd pair? What is she talking about? Doesn't she mean her 2nd pair?" Normally you would be right, but had I actually completed the 1st pair of socks I started, this would have been my 2nd pair. I had started a pair of socks back in October and completed one sock and was immediately informed to cast on the 2nd so that I would not get what is internationally known as "Second Sock Syndrome." That didn't work *giggle* I had to put the 2nd aside in order to get Christmas gifts completed and then somehow that project bag got lost in my house! I found it this past weekend and have been working on that 2nd sock, but had to stop when I got to the heel because I couldn't remember what heel I had done! I took it to my Wednesday night S'nB and the woman that taught me how to do the first heel was there and I asked her if she remembered. She did! So I am working on completely my 2nd pair now! You can see it on my blog.



Pattern: Tidal Wave
Yarn: Sheila Rovelstad Designs Sock yarn (Ravelry link)
Needles: Addi Turbos size 2 - 12"
Modifications: I switch to a short row heel and I carried the pattern down the top of the foot.


twiceknit said...

They look fabulous! I looove that yarn. Such a beautiful color!

Margaret said...

Very nice pattern and yarn. I just printed this pattern. Maybe they'll be my 2nd April socks. I also like to keep the pattern going down to the toe.

razorknitgirl said...

That yarn is sooo pretty and looks really soft. A great match for the pattern :P