Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pink for Spring

Hi! I just joined this knit along and am glad to be aboard. My New Years resolution this year is to knit one pair of socks each month from my stash, so when I found this knit along, it suit my purposes very nicely.

I've been knitting for 40 years. My Dad taught me how to knit when I was just 9 years old. I've only been knitting socks a few years though. I've become quite addicted to sock knitting.

For January I made Some I Love Gansey socks using Red Shi Bui sock yarn that I bought last summer. I felt this sudden urge to have red socks for some reason.

In February I made socks for my daughters fiance. He wasn't her fiance then. Just her boyfriend. He asked her to marry him last Friday, so I'm thinking maybe the boyfriend curse doesn't work on future son-in-laws. I used my favorite basic sock pattern with 7x1 rib and Eye of Partridge heel. Yarn: Fearless Fibers 100% Superwash Merino Sock, a fingering weight in the Sublime colorway. Fearless Fibers is my most favorite sock yarn.

For March I'm making a pair of Jaywalker socks for me. I'm using Fearless Fibers 100% Classic Merino sock yarn in the Peppermint colorway. I finished the first sock yesterday and cast on the second one in the evening. No, I don't suffer from second sock syndrome. I get so thrilled when I see the first one done that I get all anxious and excited to finish the second one! I'm strange that way.

Looking forward to knitting socks with all of you.

Take care,

Linda Jo

The Beadknitter


Margaret said...

Great socks! I looked at your blog- your beadwork is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

All of your socks turned out great! Love the socks for your daughter's fiance.

razorknitgirl said...

Congrats on the future son in law! All the socks are excellent. I would love to do a pair of Gansey socks but would opt for two at a time.