Friday, March 7, 2008

February Socks to Stash?

Here you can see that I finished my first February sock. Knitting them both at the same time, toe-up, was a great idea. Perhaps I knit looser at the start, since it's my first project in continental style knitting. I thought they fit ok after turning the heels, but now I realize the feet are just too long! That's long, when you wear size 10! Should I finish the second sock and hope they'll shrink in the dryer, or is it better to frog them, re-stash the yarn, and try again later? The Regia Cotton is 41% superwash wool, 34% cotton, and 25% polyamide. Any suggestions?


Roobeedoo said...

Oh no please don't shrink them! Give them as a present to someone with bigger feet?

GG said...

Thanks for the suggestion -- I tried that yesterday with my knitting group -- two people were very interested . . . these socks are too big even for size 11 feet!

razorknitgirl said...

I know I might be a bit late but you might be able to cut into the toe to frog a bit of the toe and reknit the toe so these fit a bit better... pretty colored stripes.