Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sock catch up

The last socks I posted were back in July. I have been keeping up with my stash socks. But apparently lagging in posting about them. So here goes. a catch up post.

August Socks (aka: Amie's Bday Socks 2008)

Pattern: "Hedera by Cookie A."
Yarn: KnitPicks Imagination in looking glass
needles: 2.0mm (us 0)
Started: Aug 11
Finished: Aug 25
I used 1.04skeins of yarn. Yep I ran out and had to go and beg another Ravelry user for more, since this yarn was unavailable at the time. I loved the yarn and will order more. Its so soft. and OMG warm.

Sept Stash Socks

Pattern: basic k2p1 ribbing with a traditional flap gusset heel and wedge toe
Yarn: KnitPicks Essentials in grass
needles: 2.0 mm (us 0)
Started: Sept 22
Finished: Sept 25
Running late into Sept and I still had no stash socks... Had been meaning to knit Nathan some socks for some time now. his last pair were 2 years ago. two birds with one stone. So these are kid socks. He wears a childs us size 9.


GG said...
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GG said...

Very pretty! You knit them in just 3 days?! Wow!