Monday, April 7, 2008

April Socks

These were supposed to be my March socks, but got pushed into April by mistake after mistake after mistake. Sometimes, I think I am just sock-impaired.

However, they are now done! (And not a moment too soon!) I was really beginning to HATE this sock.

Pattern: Waffle Rib

Yarn: Austermann Step in Colorway 126

Needles: Crystal Palace Size 2 on 56 stitches

Modifications: None on purpose, several by mistake. For the life of me I can't figure out WHY if you start at the same spot in the repeat, you do the same number of stitches and the same number of rows that the striping is markedly different on sock 1 and sock 2.

Dee at The Daily Stitch

1 comment:

Margaret said...

You're not alone! I have stripe match-up problems too, sometimes. it's a mystery.
I like the pattern you used.