Thursday, July 3, 2008

June socks at last

OK, I will grant you that these socks do not look like much. They are a simple toe-up inspired by Knitty's "Chevrolace" in Knitpicks' Essential. Simple as they were, they still warranted a couple of trips to the frog pond, a testament to my knitterly limitations. But, my dears, these socks have been around the world. They were knitted on two continents and in four countries (US, China, Korea, Japan), in airplanes, hotel rooms, buses, and all sorts of unexpected places. Some stitches were even knitted over the North Pole--does that count as a third continent from the air? So I'm thinking of naming them "Simply Special," in memory of the trip of a lifetime. What do you think?



Dawn ;) said...

I think they are "simply lovely." ;)

Froggy said...

Thank you, Dawn, for this lovely comment :)